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Student Housing in Cardiff is Designed With Students’ Needs in Mind

By admin Jul12,2023

Student Housing in Cardiff

Student housing in Cardiff is designed with students’ needs in mind, from private apartments to spacious shared houses. You’ll find student flats located near Cardiff Metropolitan University, University of South Wales and other top universities, as well as the city centre, so you can get your study on in style but still be close to everything fun.

Our student homes are also equipped with the latest security features, including CCTV and secure doors, so you’ll feel safe and secure in your home. We’re committed to keeping our prices competitive, too. Wherever possible, we include bills in the rent to make your life even easier. You’ll see this clearly stated on the individual property pages.

Cardiff is a lively, outgoing city, with plenty to explore for both its residents and visitors. It’s no wonder so many students choose to make it their home. From nightclubs and bars to theatres and restaurants, there’s a bit of something for everyone in this Welsh capital.

A lot of the Cardiff student accommodation is centered around the area of Cathays, where there are some seriously good choices when it comes to choosing where to live. This trendy neighbourhood is a hotspot for student living, with bars, pubs and fresh restaurants lining the streets. Students can be spotted grabbing a pint at The Woodville or indulging in one of the best curry houses in town, Mowgli’s.

Student Housing in Cardiff is Designed With Students’ Needs in Mind

Another great choice for students is the area of Roath, which is surrounded by greenery and offers an easy commute to both universities. The River Taff runs through the heart of the neighbourhood, and you can stroll alongside it to enjoy some fresh air and beautiful views. The Howardian Local Nature Reserve and Roath Recreation Ground are also popular with students for a relaxing stroll or a spot of exercise.

But while there is no shortage of Cardiff student accommodation in the city, it’s not all of it that you can actually afford to live in. A worrying trend is emerging, with developers filling up new developments with short-term lets to non-students. Last year, Park Lane Student Living was converted into an aparthotel after just 65 per cent of its rooms were filled by students.

One of the primary considerations for student accommodation is its location. Proximity to educational institutions, libraries, and other amenities is essential for students, as it helps save time and provides convenience. Easy access to public transportation is also a significant factor, enabling students to commute to and from their campus without any hassle.

These schemes have come about because it’s cheaper for companies to build student flats than they would be to build regular residential homes or hotels. Developers also don’t have to pay the usual S106 contributions that help fund affordable housing and infrastructure in the local community. However, some locals are concerned that the city could be on course for a Novotel-style dystopia.

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