Top 3 Reasons Cats Make Better Pets Than Dogs

It can be a difficult decision to choose between a cat and a dog as a pet. They are both furry and cuddly, yet they are two very different creatures. Cats have lovable traits like the way they take care of themselves, how they manage to keep themselves clean, and their cute antics that make them a wonderful family pet.

Cats don’t take up much space

People who have a golden retriever or even a small dog as a pet are familiar with the amount of space they take up in the bed. No matter what their size, they love to stretch out in others’ personal space, the room where they play and exercise, and their belongings (such as the dog’s bed or toys), so they must have a spacious place to be happy and healthy.

On the other hand, cats do not need a lot of space to survive. It should be enough to accommodate her essentials, like litter boxes (one box for each cat and one extra), plus food and water bowls, all of which will ensure your kitty’s happiness.

It is more affordable to have a cat.

During their lifetime, cats are less expensive to care for than dogs. There are some cat breeds that are quite expensive, but when it comes to adoption fees, kittens and cats are much more affordable than puppies or dogs, especially during kitten season or when there are a lot of kittens in the shelter. There are shelters that waive their fees or offer two kittens for the price of one.

There are many expenses to consider when owning a pet, including supplies and sitters, among others. Since dogs tend to damage their toys, the materials they are made from either need to be sturdier (which are much more expensive) or need to be replaced from time to time. Cat toys are comparatively cheap when bought from stores, but cheaper (as well as easy) to DIY.

Dogs need plenty of exercise as this is crucial for their health, however walking the dog two or three times a day can be difficult when their owner has a full time job. On average, a dog walker costs between $15 and $20 for a 20-minute walk, and now that I think about it, the costs can add up right away. By contrast, cats are easily content to nap, rest, and play, even when home alone while their human parent is at work. Two kittens alone are even better as they will never get bored.

Cats are easily contained when they are indoors.

To stay happy and healthy, dogs need plenty of exercise, long walks, and plenty of time outside. It is almost impossible for them to live solely indoors. However, this can be a challenge when dog owners have limited mobility, don’t have a yard, or their home isn’t accessible to parks.

Cats are much safer indoors and easier to contain when lying by a window or curled up on the sunny side of the couch. The window only needs to be opened a little to let in fresh air (but not too wide for the cat to run away). This will allow the cats to be very happy while watching birds and insects throughout the day.

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