What to never buy before looking at your local barter exchange

It doesn’t matter how smart, wealthy, or “business savvy” you are.

If you can use a phone, mail a letter, or operate your fax machine, you can easily use a secret trade loophole to add $ 2, $ 5, $ 10, even $ 20,000 to your name in savings alone.



Simply by buying the things that you are already buying.

If you own a business and your competition is eating you alive, you will leave them behind; even competitors with big budgets will have a hard time competing.

While they spend a fortune on advertising, you will laugh at them and their “caveman” ways of buying advertising space.

As they struggle through economic downturns, inflation, and rising costs … you’ll hardly notice,

because you will be immune to those forces.

As they panic after losing a big customer or a big sale … just smile.

Using this loophole is like going back in time and buying things with today’s money at 1950s prices.

Prices are not going up for you … they are going down.

And when you take advantage of your ability to buy things you want for 20 cents on the dollar, you’ll save and

make a wad of money at the same time.

And I have one of the easiest and fastest ways to create wealth that I know of.

Barter is a multi-billion dollar global industry in which literally every type of business you can think of, in almost every industrialized country in the world, operates on a large network called a “barter exchange.” These exchanges are huge shopping clubs, where all the different member companies are automatically inclined to buy from each other.

And this is the interesting thing:

These businesses do not buy and sell each other with regular money “circulated by the government.”

Instead, they use “trade credits,” which are real currency, just like a US dollar bill is currency, but can only be spent within the barter club.

They can be used as cash, but only with club members.

And these members buy each other’s goods and services with these “business” dollars, rather than regular dollars, and thus legally do business outside of the regular monetary system of the country in which they are located.

Does this sound good to you? Use a loophole in Barter to get everything you need, without worrying about rising financial costs, and save money for you and your business.

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