Apples to Apples Comparison – Sign Packs

When buying a sign company to handle your next commercial real estate project, is your company comparing apples to apples? Buying the best deal package is a good idea for any developer, but make sure you know exactly what is in the proposal. Does the offer include all aspects of the project? Are there hidden fees or charges? Does the sign provider provide a complete turnkey solution or just part of the solution? What is your company responsible for? Are taxes included in the final result? Are the designs extra or are they included? Be sure to find out what grade of steel or aluminum is being priced and what type of bolts are being used. What is the quality of the welds? Are the signs built to be easily repaired? What is the quality of the EMC in the proposal?

Why is all this important? It is important to know how long the signals are expected to last. It is also important to know what the long-term maintenance and service costs look like. Saving money up front may not always look good when looking at the big picture, especially if the signs will need to be repaired or replaced sooner. In the long run, your business may end up spending twice as much a smaller initial investment. In many cases, investing in quality up front will save your business development company money.

Another consideration is the design of the sign. Is it being designed by an architect or professional advertiser who knows how to drive business to their tenants? Is the site triangle being considered in the design or is the sign just an afterthought?

Are signs made to last? Are guarantees offered? Does the sign company handle the permitting or is it your company’s responsibility? Is the proposal really out of the box and hassle-free in the long run? What is the sign company’s customer service and safety record? Are old signs properly removed or is your business exposed to legal risks? Your team is likely to be very careful about the investment decisions made in your building, mall, or shopping center; be sure to take the same care when choosing a professional to handle your sign pack. Your signs are the advertising beacon that attracts business to your tenants and their investment. Is your team comparing apples to apples or apples to oranges?

Some food for thought when comparing competitive sign offer packages.

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