Concrete foundation repair

Concrete foundations are of two types: poured concrete and concrete blocks. Poured concrete is a modern form of foundation, while concrete blocks are more traditional. Concrete blocks are preferred for their visual appeal and strength. However, as time passes, concrete degradation may occur.

The main cause of cracks in concrete foundations is water seepage. Such cracks caused by water leakage are fine and fine. They can widen over time, but are present only in those areas where seepage occurs. To repair leak cracks, it is first necessary to investigate the source and point from which the leak originates.

There may be other reasons for the concrete foundation to crumble. The soil can lose its moisture content in summer. There may be underground roots that can wilt and die. Such natural causes cause the floor to shrink and therefore the base can move. Although this movement is gradual, over time it will cause cracks to appear. These cracks will be large and open, extending the entire length of the base. They can even be in the form of small holes in certain places.

Whatever the reason, foundation cracks are very dangerous if ignored. Repair should be done as soon as possible. The difficulties involved in the repair process are influenced by the size of the cracks.

For small cracks created by moisture, repair is relatively simple and can be done by almost anyone. These cracks must first be cleaned with a wire brush. A stream of water can be flushed to remove any loose concrete particles within the crack. The crack is then allowed to dry completely and filled with concrete putty. If the crack is large, then it is packed with patch materials that are specifically available for concrete. These patch materials must be damp when applied. They have a limestone base and expand as they dry, filling the crack completely. The final touch is applying a sealant to the repaired crack.

But if the crack is sinister and not do-it-yourself, then it’s wiser to shell out a few bucks and hire some good repairmen. Such cracks occur due to rods that may have rusted inside and break or due to deterioration of the materials present within the concrete. Some leakage cracks when ignored can also reach dangerous levels. Such cracks are most found in poured concrete.

Contractors treat the concrete base with urethane injections to remove embedded water. They can even excavate the area around the foundation and replace faulty tiles or build a provision for the water to lose contact with the foundation.

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